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i love wireless, it makes class so much more exciting (although i don't think it's helping my education much...)

oops. way to let cd start playing in the middle of class, self. way. to. go.

on the plus, i got a free cupcake today! hurrah for charter day! i also got a whole bunch of free UM postcards AND a coupon for a free chipotle burrito! on the plus/minus (oh yeah ambiguity!) i left work at noon to go home and sleep until class. felt like crap AND the bus didn't show up until 1, so kind of a waste, but i feel so much better after the whole sleeping thing. and the soda. mmm, soda. the caffeine was clearly necessary as i have a paper to write tonight. about performance theory. which, damn it, i have done more reading for this THREE PAGE PAPER (yes, that is THREE pages) than for the last two seminar papers i wrote. gah. and of course, the seminal texts on this topic have all been checked out...UNTIL MAY. although one has reappeared, as of today (which is handy since due date = 11am tomorrow) and is located at the performing art library (PAL). PAL = hella far away from me. poop. so hopefully i will manage to cobble something acceptable together this evening. plus, the database homework is done done done. so no worries for 690 until next week's open-book midterm. thank goodness for open-book (which includes open INTERNET access). because, of course, i have a large paper due the day before said midterm. a paper for which i have NO FUCKING CLUE what to do. hopefully i'll figure something out. if anyone has any info. on the inner workings and or intersectionality of gender and power in the RAINN organization, let me know!! can you tell i am just so excited for next week.

this weekend was pretty fun, especially the Olive Garden gorging extravaganza last night. haven't been to an Olive Garden in 4 or 5 years, so - had forgotten how much food can exist in one meal. ordering an appetizer? such a bad (although tasty!) idea. i barely touched my actual meal, just threw it in a box for later. which is kind of a plus, since it is there for my late night, paper-writing, consumption needs. w00t for cheesy-pasta late night dinner!!!

i miss reading books for fun. i need to go used book shopping like woah. but should probably wait until a) i get paid on friday, b) work on paying off my credit card (yay Castor, the new laptop of greatness) and c)can actually afford to take the time to read, since my reading of late has been from midnight to 2am-ish, which is not the best for my sleep habits and general awakeness. man, i write some boring-ass entries.

ooh, ooh, ultra-thanks to [ profile] strangecobwebs for necessary computer programs. you rock. and as always, both you and [ profile] dsudis for driving my self around and picking me up and all that (and figuring out all our tech. homework).

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so, weird week. and it's only tuesday. thus far i have managed to skip a problem set, nearly breakdown on the phone about how miserable school is making me, decided to apply for a ga-ship and if that falls through get a real job to start in august. then as of this morning i fell outside my house, on the way to the bus, in front of someone. very embarassing. and then the internets were broken at work #1, very vexing and making desk duty boring as all hell. i did however mail the maryland tax booklet home in a timely manner, hopefully pleasing my father and had a productive meting with my facilitating partner for tomorrow's women's studies class. score so far stands at:

plus /minus:
timely mailing (aka responsibility)/ skinned my knee and embarassed myself (ouch!)
finished this week's homework / overtaken by misery of school
feel (slightly)less stupid about WMST class / bedroom is a pit
have made a definite job-type decision
received a mom-package
put laundry in the dryer
have a netflix acocunt
ate mac&cheese
have an awesome new computer! (with wireless, yay typing in bed!)

it appears that the pluses win, although that whole school = miserable thing is a biggie. i suppose i will be forced to survive. ah well.


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