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...a perhaps somewhat more coherent post. so, here's the thing. this weekend? i managed to NOT accomplish any of the things i should have. however, i DID manage to:

  1. watch doctor who....sooooo much love. just. i do. and there is a jack! 2-part episode! must wait 'til next friday! noooooo! (now if only i could train those cute boys we keep in the basement to be QUIET for one whole hour. well, at least they're pretty.

  2. get THREE free comics on Free Comic Book Day! Yay!
  3. spend almost $80 on vols. 6-10 of Sandman. have i mentioned how Neil Gaiman is a rockstar? o.m.g.
  4. read above mentioned Sandman, American Gods, the first 2 trades of Lucifer, vols. 4 & 5 of Y: the last man, and the first 19 issues of Ex Machina. (i would shake my first at you [ profile] dsudis but who am i kidding? my own damn fault).

anyway, what this all meant that the research guide that was due at 530 this evening when i got to work at 930 this morning. not really the best or brightest of my ideas, but it got done. and THEN, my boss saunters over, pulls up a chair to my desk (which, of course, starts me freaking out and assuming the worst...), to inform me that they felt no need to keep me in suspense any longer and that they were all agreed and wanted me to be the graduate assistant next fall. no need for interviews or competition or anything! and they are probably going to hire a second GA as well so i will be the *experienced* one which is always amusing. what this means? FREE TUITION FOR NEXT YEAR! and a TWENTY hour work week instead of the FORTY i worked this year! and they will pay me a stipend that should be enough to cover rent and utilities. i may need to work a few shifts at the writing center to have spending money, but STILL, less than 40 hours a week and no extra $18,500 of debt (on top of the 18.5k from this year + 12k from undergrad), although i may still take some loan money so that i don't have to worry about moneys. so YAY YAY YAY!!!! i am very happy and the semester is almost over and i think things are going to be a-ok!

in other news, a new housemate moved in last monday. she is from china and only here through july. she is very sweet and i hope we are not traumatizing her too much. i finally bought my plane tickets for going home for VT lady-poker weekend (to which Cindy is coming, extra yay!) and Raych's wedding (dear goodness PLEASE let me fit into the bridesmaid dress, eep!). oh, and apparently transvestitism = statement of attraction. which is just totally ok with me. = )


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