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2013-12-27 12:03 pm

Financial Futility - the siren song of my generation?

 Things I was hoping to do with the leftover $ at the end of this month:

order a plastic mattress cover since the cat keeps peeing on the bed
put aside cash to buy a new bicycle at big bike fair thing in February
buy a couple pairs of work pants
go grocery shopping
pay a little extra towards my credit card bill
refill my prescription toothpaste (with mint flavor this time!)

Things I will actually be doing with end of the month $:

nothing. alternators are expensive, I will never pay off my credit card and I will clearly be in debt forever.

Everything will be fine (provided there are no emergencies of any sort) and I'm neither at risk of starving or becoming homeless but there's something particularly frustrating and depressing about being in this state at the age of 30, while holding down a full-time, professional, salaried position in my field for the last 6 years (started directly out of graduate school). Also, the minor crying fit in my office that my boss caught the tail end of was a lovely cherry topper to the sundae of my feelings. /whine

*appropriate icon is appropriate
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2013-09-30 06:38 pm

Monday Funday?

So that run was a success in as much as I put on the outfit, left the building and spent some period of time traveling at a pace faster than walking. Sometimes that's about as much as one can ask for I guess. 
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2013-02-06 10:36 pm

Dear Internet

Not that I ever post or am even ready to give up my lurker card...but guys, RIpper Street is awesome and why is no one (*in the places I read) talking about it?!? Also, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries = BEST or BESTEST. Discuss. 
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2011-09-09 08:53 am

A Post I should have posted long ago, please signal boost!

THIS SUNDAY (September 11) is the B'eat More Pie Fest, Baltimore's first (as far as we know) pie festival! I am one of the founders of this event and if you're in the area and like PIE you should come! Even better, you should enter our pie competition! It's free and for a good cause. There will be live music throughout the day. We'll be raffling off whole pies and selling tasting bites of the competition pies. All proceeds will be supporting Heart's Place Shelter.

Check out our website: You can also register your pies for competition online!

The Details:

WHEN: 12:00pm - 3:00pm, Sunday September 11

WHERE: St. Johns Church, 2640 St. Paul Street, Baltimore MD

WHAT: An awesome celebration of pie!!!

We've also had a few of our vendors drop out, so if you have something to sell, we've got table space! We're not charging a fee for vendors but we are asking for a donation to the Shelter in the form of 10% of the day's profits. If you're interested in a table, send me an email at 
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2011-01-03 11:10 pm

New Year's Resolutions, 2011 ed.

1. Bring my lunch to work almost every day.
2. Follow through on the little, slightly-ridiculous thoughts I have.

3. Keep track of books read (in that vein: Neverwhere, Daddy Long-Legs, Odd and the Frost Giants)
4. Go to the Gym 4 times a week (so far so good, started in December)
5. Improve dental care (mmm, yay floss)
6. Reduce credit card balance 50% (this might have to be revisited as too optimistic, but hey, start strong, see how that goes)
7. Get a passport

There are plenty of others, but let's be somewhat realistic here, yeah?
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2010-09-13 10:42 am

you only call when you want something

Ha. So, it's been a bit of a weekend.

20-mile bike ride + pedicures on Saturday, with bonus!Emu. A note: girl pelvises are not shaped like boy pelvises. This means that boy bike seats? Not the best, really.

Friend's bday party Saturday night, in Rockville. Slept on couch.

Drive home Sunday morning. Get hit by a taxi. Awesome. I'm ok (sore, but ok). My car is sad :(

Oh, and the wedding I'm best woman for? Is next Saturday. I am making 600+ hors d'ouerves for said wedding. And am carless.

So yeah, this is just to whine a litte.
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2010-08-23 12:22 pm

Have I mentioned that most of the time my job is pretty awesome?

Because it is. Mostly becuase I get to do stuff like this. Which is (if I do say so myself) an AWESOMELY FUN video. There's more info at my work blog (which also includes the evolution of this particular mean, for your viewing pleasure). Anyway, you should definitely go watch it, as at the very least your day will be brightened by me looking ridiculous (in a happy and not-at-all embarrassed way). I'm enjoying my slow, but inevitable rise to internet stardom ;)

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2010-06-17 04:46 pm

I find something intensely satisfying about this project...

... And frankly, uploading my little post-it giraffe has been the best part of a rather trying day. Go forth, ye and giraffe!
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2010-05-30 05:09 pm

driveby rant

Look, Library - if you are going to say you are open on Sundays, October - May you MIGHT WANT TO BE OPEN ON SUNDAY, MAY 30TH! Or, if you don't feel like being open PERHAPS YOU SHOULD POST THAT ON YOUR GODDAMN WEBSITE. JUST A THOUGHT.

No Love,
Me, who just tramped 2+ miles in the blazing sun AND DOES NOT HAVE ANY BOOKS TO SHOW FOR IT.
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2010-05-15 11:44 am

(no subject)

I really do love cooking brunch. Today's menu:
-3 crustless quiche/egg casserole things - broccoli, sun dried tomato, garlic-and-dill cheddar cheese with fresh sliced tomatoes on top; sausage, goat cheese and green onion; and sauteed tomatillos-and-red onion, chopped fresh tomato and pepper jack cheese.
-shredded homefries
-fresh fruit
-quinoa multigrain bread w/a variety of spreads

yum yum!

hmm, and now, maybe nap time!
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2009-12-02 09:58 pm

Please help me find a roommate!

Hey Guys, if you know anyone looking for a place in Baltimore, PLEASE send them to my craigslist ad! ( My awesome roommate is moving out at the end of December and I'm a little bit desperate. I love my apartment - it's HUGE and includes all utilities, wireless internet, off-street parking and washer and dryer. I really don't want to move (and even less want to be homeless) so any signal boosting you could do would be awesome, appreciated and I am happy to make you the baked good of your choice!

Thanks guys :)

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2009-11-16 02:32 pm

2 things...

1. WHY DID NOBODY WARN ME THAT Dr.  Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog is in fact an honest-to-goodness TRAGEDY?!? I was completely emotionally unprepared and I blame ALL OF YOU. I don't DO tragedies dammit!

2. Leverage fic = want. Yeah.
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2009-10-28 01:04 pm

so I realized maybe I haven't updated everyone?

But I officially declined the offer of employment from the Durham Museum in Omaha, NE. Yup, I did.
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2009-10-12 11:10 am

(no subject)

IMPORTANT NEWS: I am flying to Omaha next week for an interview!!! (On their dime, of course) Dudes! I don't even know! But yeah, next week: Nebraska. Wish me luck!

And on to other stuff: Yesterday morning started out with a trip to yet another Farmers Market, this time to ostensibly pick up our CSA share, as our usual person had plans. I got there, and it turns out our CSA ended last week! Not too big a deal, although I did get out of bed before 8am :(. Since I was there, of course I took a few turns around and picked up a few things (produce will forever and always be my grocery budget downfall)! I started out just grabbing a few onions, as I was pretty sure we didn't have enough left at home for everything on today's to-cook list. At the same table I was seduced by leeks (a soup staple!) and grabbed a bunch. Which led me to some beautiful yukon gold potatoes. I also picked up some seconds tomatoes, for use in chili and maybe a cucumber salad. Plus I treated myself to a pit beef sandwich. Swung by the grocery store on the way home to pick up butter (for the chocolate chip banana bread and cheesecake crust) and eggs.Proceeded to make: 2 loaves of choc chip banana bread and added pear butter to one loaf; acorn squash-potato soup; leek and celery root soup (instead of vichysois), carrot dill soup and some delicious pumpkin cheesecake! So the cooking went pretty darn well, the freezer is looking pretty stocked and there's more to come!

In non-kitchen news, a snafu involving early flights and failed technology (thanks t-mobile :/) left Jon and Jess out in the cold at the airport! Sorry guys, but at least they were able to grab a cab home and don't seem to miffed with me!

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2009-10-10 09:16 pm

today inadvertently became pickling day

So the morning started out well - somewhat gray but not too chilly. I headed out to the Waverly farmer's market, since the roomie's usual farmer's market employment was shut down for the week due to Baltimore Marathoning running right through their location. While sad to have to actually, you know, pay for my delicious fresh produce, it was nice to walk around, pick and choose and general putz my way through the market. Plus I got to see some of the runners making their ways downtown. I also stopped at Carma's Cafe and had some DELICIOUS hot chocolate - apparently (as the woman working told me) they make their own chocolate sauce from Dutch coca, as they didn't like any of the sauces they tried, they all "tasted too much like sugar and not enough like chocolate!" I can atest that Carma's has made a good decision, yum!

Finally made my way home to start an anticipated cooking day. The aforementioned roomie had brought home a pumpkin so we had planned to make curried pumpkin soup and pumpkin cheesecake. While the 'pkin was roasting, I decided to make some quick pickled carrots since I had picked up a 5lb bag of carrots last week. They're easy and tasty and I had bought dill at the market, so there you go. But I went a little overboard with the chopping and ended up with a literal mountain of carrot sticks. I decided to can them, because, well, we have the equipment, so why the hell not? But then I thought, why not pickle some of those green beans I got at the market as well, since the bag is huge and it's silly to pull out the big canning pot for only 2 jars...thus, in addition to the 2 quarts of carrots (plus the large plastic container that went into the fridge for nearly-instant gratification eating tomorrow), I ended up with a quart and a pint of dilled green beans. And since my canner holds 7 jars, it only made sense to think of something to go into the other 3 slots, right? Of course right! 

Happily, my grandmother's sweet pickle recipe (the only sweet pickles I really like) was exactly where I thought it was, and a quick trip to the store procured the necessary cucumbers (I actually had all the other ingredients, who'd a thunk!). (There was also a trip to the art supply store for some sculpy for the roomie, where I was highly tempted by tins of beads and origami paper - but managed to restrain myself). While all this is going on the pumpkin is roasting away to delicious smoothness. Making pumplin puree? Really pretty easy! Hurrah for food processors! While the cucumbers were salt curing we toasted the pumpkin seeds and got the curried pumpkin soup going. The soup seemed to turn out well and there are now 3 containers in the freezer. (Did I mention that I declared October "make soup for winter" month? Um, yeah. Tomorrow is Acorn squash-Potato and later this week: Bison Chili. Suggestions welcome for other soups!) Pumpkin cheesecake will have to wait until tomorrow, especially since I need to buy butter. And in cleaning out the freezer to make room for soup I pulled out all my frozen bananas to make a double batch of chocolate chip banana bread tomorrow...hmm, maybe I'll add peanut butter to one of the loaves....

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2009-10-09 06:15 pm

(no subject)

Despite a little eastern time/central time mix up and a dropped cell phone call, today's phone interview w/the Durham Museum seemed to go well. Should here late next week/early the week after about a second, face-to-face interview - fast time frame, as they want to make an offer by Nov. 1st and get started by Dec. 1st. Fingers crossed!
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2009-10-04 04:21 pm

shopping FTW

I just scored a button down, 5 skirts and a hot pink leather jacket for$23.48.\o/ that's pretty damn awesome.

[personal profile] strangecobwebs - you need to come and visit me, because Shelby has introduced to me to the most fabulous of thrift stores: huge, well organized AND everything appears to be 50% off on weekends.
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2009-09-22 11:45 am

(no subject)

Argh. I hate applying for jobs. Hate hate hate. Oh hey, Waco TX Texas Rangers Hall of Fame? You know why that job is still open 8 MONTHS LATER? BECAUSE THE APPLICATION IS SINCERELY STUPID and AGGRAVATING AND NOT WORTH FILLING OUT YOU BASTARDS. A form as a word doc? That I can't paste long sentences into? FUCK YOU. WHY DO YOU NEED ME TO FILL OUT THE LAST 10 YEARS OF MY EMPLOYMENT HISTORY SEPARATELY?!?!?!?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ATTACHING MY FREAKING RESUME???? THAT"S WHY I WROTE THE DAMN THING. Needless to say, I am not applying to your dumb ass job. No one wants to move to Texas anyway.
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2009-09-21 02:10 pm

randomosity sauce

Shelby and I made a pot of tomato sauce last night, hopefully going to get it canned tonight. Also made some tasty acorn squash-potato soup, onion soup bread in the machine and chocolate chip cookies. Apparently feeling very autumnal in the kitchen.

Helped Stacey move yesterday as well, her new house is pretty freaking awesome.

Going to make a small roast and roast up some root veggies tonight. Plus avocados were on sale this weekend, so there are 4 hanging out in the fridge with some cilantro, black beans, green zebra tomatoes and assorted hot peppers...yum!

Also on tap: pizza sauce!
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2009-09-14 09:08 pm

yet more random stuff

Shelby and I successfully canned 20 pints of peaches (+1 not quite sealed jar that will be eaten this week) and 5 quarts of tomato sauce (+2 quarts lost to cold jar + hot water = death). There is still a third of a crate of peaches in our kitchen. We saved all the peels to make peach butter. Also, there were Walmart shenanigans. No, Port Covington Walmart, I ASSURE YOU THAT EMPTY QUART JARS ARE NOT 7.48 A PIECE! Managed to slice myself up a little chopping basil and pour boiling water on my foot (luckily, I was wearing shoes, go me).

We numbered (and mostly sleeved) 1,059 photographs from the BHU collection today. Avi did NOT ask me about Generations or my photo essay AND I got to retire my princess pencil. Not bad. 

I think we have found a home for Pedro poops-in-the-box Rabbit, with a very nice family. They came to meet him today and will hopefully be taking him home tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it all works out, but I'll sure miss the fuzzy little guy. 

Phone interview tomorrow.